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Who Are We?

Trinidad Pest Control Limited was incorporated in Trinidad & Tobago in 1964 and its principal offices are at 91 Cascade Road, Cascade, Trinidad. Some of the earliest applications of pest treatment in this country were developed by TPC’s founder, Richard D. Jeary in the early 1960’s. Specialized chemical and pesticide treatments and customized application methods were essential in combating the tropical characteristic of a variety of agricultural, stored product and structural (wood destroying) pests. The company is largely perceived as one of the pioneering contributors of modern tropical pest management in this country.

Trinidad Pest Control is an accredited member of the National Pest Management Association in the United States, and through its membership, is regularly updated on scientific advances in the industry. The company has a history of co-operation with a variety of government departments and educational organizations. Its technical directors have been invited to speak at numerous lectures and have also published articles on the control of tropical pests.

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What We Offer
1Fumigation of Cargo in Quarantine and at Pre-Shipment.1Control of household Pests and Vermin
1Subterranean Termite Treatment.1Drywood Termite Treatment
1Industrial Pest Control1Treatment of Boats
91 Cascade Road, Cascade,
Trinidad, W.I.
P.O.Box 4428 St. Ann's

1 (868) 624-5377
1 (868) 657-1305
1 (868) 639-7645

1 (868) 627-0391